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Steamy Brush

Steamy Brush

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Revitalize Fur, Embrace Bliss: Our Pet Steam Brush, where grooming meets happiness!



Introducing 'SteamPurr & WagAway,' the revolutionary pet grooming tool that effortlessly tackles shedding in dogs and cats. Harnessing the power of steam, this device gently removes loose fur, leaving your furry friends with a lustrous coat and your home fur-free. Pamper your pets with the soothing and effective SteamPurr & WagAway – the ultimate solution for a tidy home and happy, well-groomed companions.



Brand Name: Gangsterdog

Product Name: Pet Steamy Brush

Handle Material: Plastic

Bristle Material: Silicone

Color: Yellow, Green

Feature: Massage, Hair Removal, Cleaning

Size (Brush): 4.5*2.9*2.4 in / 11.5*7.5*6.0 cm

Size (Package): 4.9*3.0*2.4 in / 12.5*7.7*6.0 cm

Style: Long Hair

Weight: 73g



1x Steamy Brush, 1x Charging Cable





Cat Steamy Brush Dog Massage Comb Built-in Electric Water Spray Soft Silicone Pet Hair Removal Grooming Brush Cat Accessories

🌟【Steamy Cat Brush】Say goodbye to pet hair and hello to a happy, shed-free home! Our innovative Steamy Cat Brush solves all your pet grooming problems in one handy tool - shedding, steam cleaning, and massaging. Experience incredible shedding reduction and enjoy a cleaner, hair-free living space!
🐱【Hot Steam Technology】This brush uses unique hot steam technology to effectively loosen and remove built-up dust and dirt from cat hair. Not only is hot steam safe, it also gently cleanses the coat, keeping your cat looking healthy.
🐶【Humanized Design】The Cat Steamy Brush has a compact design and a comfortable, easy-to-hold handle, allowing you to brush all areas of your cat with ease. The brush head is removable for easy cleaning and ensures hygiene.
😻【Easier Cleaning】Cats Absolutely Hate Being Drenched in Water and Sometimes Just Attempting to Do Give Them a Bath Will Leave You with a Few Battle Scars, But with This Brush, You're Guaranteed to Have a Sure-Fire Way to Clean Them up Without Getting Any Scratches or Bites from Your Bath-Hating Pet!
👍【Multifunctional application】 Steamy Cat Brush for cats with water Suitable for all kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, and other animals with lots of furs, meet the needs of different pets, and provide the perfect care for pets of all shapes and sizes.

Package Included:
1x Steamy Brush, 1x Charging Cable




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