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PetPro USB Clipper: Rechargeable

PetPro USB Clipper: Rechargeable

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A Touch of Style, a Classy Cut - For Impeccable Grooming!





The "Dog Professional Hair Clipper Electrical Grooming Trimmer for Pets USB Rechargeable Shaver Low Decibel Animals Haircut Machine" is a cutting-edge grooming tool designed specifically for pets. Below is a detailed description of its features:

1. **Professional Grooming Performance:** This clipper is equipped with precision blades that ensure a professional and efficient grooming experience for pets. It is suitable for various coat types, providing a clean and precise haircut.

2. **USB Rechargeable:** The grooming trimmer features a USB rechargeable design, eliminating the need for disposable batteries. This makes it not only convenient but also environmentally friendly, allowing pet owners to easily recharge the device for repeated use.

3. **Low Decibel Operation:** With a low decibel level during operation, this grooming trimmer ensures a quiet and stress-free experience for pets. The low noise output is especially beneficial for animals that may be sensitive to loud sounds, creating a more relaxed grooming session.

4. **User-Friendly Design:** The clipper boasts a user-friendly design with easy-to-use controls, making it suitable for both professional groomers and pet owners. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, allowing users to groom their pets with precision and ease.

5. **Versatile Usage:** Whether you are trimming fur, performing detailed grooming, or giving your pet a complete haircut, this machine provides versatility in its usage. Adjustable settings and various comb attachments cater to different coat lengths and styles.

6. **Durable and Safe:** Constructed with high-quality materials, the grooming trimmer is durable and built to withstand regular use. Safety features, such as rounded blade tips and protective guards, prioritize the well-being of pets, preventing accidental nicks or cuts.

7. **LED Battery Indicator:** The clipper may include an LED battery indicator, allowing users to monitor the remaining battery life easily. This feature ensures that the device is always ready for use, giving pet owners peace of mind during grooming sessions.

In summary, the "Dog Professional Hair Clipper Electrical Grooming Trimmer for Pets USB Rechargeable Shaver Low Decibel Animals Haircut Machine" offers a professional-grade grooming solution with convenient and pet-friendly features. Its USB rechargeable design, low decibel operation, and versatile functionality make it an excellent choice for pet owners seeking a reliable and stress-free grooming experience for their furry companions.




Item Type: Dog Hair Trimmer

Certification: CE

Voltage: 110-240V

Power:10W 5V

Battery:1500mAh Li-ion battery

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Charging Time: 3 Hour

Using time: Over 120mins

Body material: All metal

Package Content:

1 * Hair Trimmer

4 * Limit combs(3mm/6mm/10mm/13mm)

1 * Cleaning brush

1 * USB cable

1 * User manual

• Precision blades suitable for all fur types

• Quiet motor to keep pets calm

• Easy-clean detachable blade heads

• Add extra handy accessories


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