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Drinking fontain

Drinking fontain

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Make your pet more independent!



The Electric Metal Dispenser for Dogs and Cats is a revolutionary hydration experience. With a quiet motor, it transforms water into a gentle fountain, encouraging your furry friends to drink more. Crafted from durable metal, this bowl not only provides fresh, flowing water but also adds a modern touch to your home. Keep your pets hydrated and happy with this stylish and functional solution.




With Water Dispenser: Yes

Power Source: CHARGE

Output: 5V and 1A

Time Setting: No

Material: Stainless Steel

Plug Type: Switzerland and EU

LCD Display: No

Product: ROJECO 304 Stainless Steel Pet Water Fountain

Material: SUS304+ABS

Capacity: 3.2L 

Ultra Quiet Pump: less 20dB

Rated Input: 5V/1A Max





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