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AirTag Dog Collar

AirTag Dog Collar

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Where You Go, I Go Too: Airtag Collars, the Invisible Link Between You and Your Dog!



Never lose sight of your four-legged friend.

For you who love dogs deeply, we believe you treat them no longer as pets, but as family members or best friends. They have strong empathy and absolute loyalty and always bring you warm companionship. In fact, our life becomes more sparkling because of them. This is exactly what makes us more serious about choosing gifts for them, we always want the best for them!

Gangsterdog team consists of a group of pet lovers, we are in your position as a pet owner when we design and produce this pet collar. We are 100% serious with the whole process from the first to the last, which includes the selection of materials for each part, color and size, hand stitching, etc. All we have done is to offer your pets the most comfortable wearing experience.


What do Gangsterdog AirTag dog collars have?

-Triple security design, helps train your dogs effectively!
-Unique AirTag holder design "in the" dog collar (no need to order a single holder), extremely compact.
-The length of our dog collar can be adjusted easily, high compatibility.
-Extended control handle is specially designed for you and provides a comfortable gripping experience.
-2 Fashionable patch panels come with the package, she/he is the most eye-catching one in the park.




Brand : Gangsterdog

Material : nylon 1000D

Season : All seasons

Features : With Apple AirTag attachment pouch

Choice : yes

Size : see picture





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