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IQ Training Toy

IQ Training Toy

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 Expand play, nourish intelligence: the planet of fun and food, where your dog trains its IQ with flavor!




Introducing our Dog Planet Treat Toy for Dogs – a delightful combination of play and reward. This interactive toy is designed to engage and entertain your furry friend while providing a tasty challenge. Fill the toy with your dog's favorite treats, and watch as they work to retrieve the rewards, keeping them mentally stimulated and active. The durable and pet-safe material ensures hours of joyful play, promoting both physical and mental well-being. Treat your dog to the excitement of our Dog Planet Treat Toy, where fun and delicious rewards come together for a tail-wagging experience.




Brand Name: Gangsterdog

Toys Type: Planet

Material: Plastic

Type: Dogs toys

Advantage: Pet Improve IQ

Toys Type: Interactive 

Feature: Multifunction; Food Dispensing, Function,Teeth Cleaning and Improve IQ



 Fit for all breed of Dogs (Beagle,Pitbull,Bull Terrier,Golden Retriever,Labrador Retriever,German Shepherd)



PRODUCT SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS the package and take it out
2.Hold the transparent lid,turn counterclockwise to unscrew
3.Put in dogs food,bell or flash ball
4.Turn clockwise to screw the cover back to its original position

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