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Exclusive Bulldog Sculpture

Exclusive Bulldog Sculpture

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 Gangsterdog style: Sculpture that Decorates and Organizes with Personality!




Introducing our bulldog object holder and supermobile, the perfect companion for organizing in style! Inspired by the strength and reliability of the bulldog, this accessory is designed to guard your items with purpose. With space in the mouth and on the gold plate, it offers ample storage to keep everything tidy. Made from quality materials, our bulldog not only adds a touch of personality to your space, but also serves as a handy organizer. Whether you place it on a desk, a nightstand or a shelf, our bulldog will be the elegant guardian of your most treasured items, providing order and style in any room of your home.



Brand : Gangsterdog

Material : resin

Theme : Animal

Function : can hold cell phones, keys, glasses, remote controls, etc.

Applicable for : home, living room, office, store, table decoration

Color : black, beige, orange


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